Brazilian mushroom positioning on food

The food function name is three grades, and the Brazilian mushroom belongs to three performance levels.
A、A function is the nutrition of the food, ie, protein, sugar, fat, minerals, vitamins, etc.
B、The secondary function is to provide the liking for food chemical processing, that is, to use additives to improve the color, fragrance, and flavor of food to promote appetite.
C、The third function is a physiologically active function because it involves the field of medicine and pharmacy, that is, it has the ability to enhance the body's immunity, anti-aging, and disease resilience.

Six effects of Brazilian mushrooms

((1)Effectively enhance the immunity of polysaccharides can activate macrophages, improve its phagocytosis, so that the body's immune capacity has been fully enhanced.
(2)Inhibition of Cancer After the activation of macrophages, the immune system quickly initiates enhanced resistance and attacks pathogens and cancer cells. TNT (TNT-Factor) can be used to attack the tumor material to attack cancer cells. Can inhibit cancer cell proliferation.
(3)To help maintain the stability of blood sugar, many ugly bodies can reduce the resistance of cells to insulin in the body, so that insulin can be successfully used to bring blood sugar into the cells, and the effect of lowering blood sugar can be achieved. Therefore, polysaccharides have been widely used to assist the rehabilitation of diabetic patients.
(4)Promotion of liver function polysaccharides can play a role in inhibiting virus proliferation, and promote liver metabolism, promote liver cell regeneration, for the recovery of liver function is a great help.
(5)Many cool bodies can resist aging. Recent studies have shown that free radicals are the root cause of human aging, and polysaccharides can be used as free radical scavengers, so it is very helpful for anti-aging.
(6)Improve cardiovascular disease (rehabilitation of stroke patients)