Brazilian mushroom populations originated in Brazil, and the life map of the world shows that Brazilians generally have longer life spans.In addition to Brazil's good climate and environment, experts and scholars from Japan, the United States, and other countries have discovered that trace elements contained in Brazilian mushrooms can improve human immunity and are also one of the reasons for the longevity of Brazilians.Shengbao Biotechnology  has its place of origin in Brazil.Products are processed and sold in Taiwan.According to the manager of Shengbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Mr. Hu said that the shape of the St. Pajamas mushroom is significantly different from other mushrooms. It is mainly white in color, resembles a helmet, and has a fragrant taste. It is a good food and medicinal mushroom.The edible and non-edible Brazilian mushrooms differ in the content of heavy metals and depend on the quality of the land, the choice of materials and the techniques used for planting.

Manager Hong also mentioned that Brazilian mushrooms are mixed in the domestic market and they need to be screened from their strains and their heavy metal content. The real Brazilian mushroom has a high unit price and an extraordinary effect.

Taiwan Shengbao Biotech Co., Ltd. is the only company in Brazil that owns self-owned (overseas) camp farms for the cultivation of Brazil mushroom sub-entities.It was founded in 2000 by Mr. Hu, who has been immigrating to Brazil for nearly two decades and was the former chairman of the M.C. Mushroom Industry Group in São Paulo and the chairman of the Mushroom Industry Cooperative.Shengbao Biotech’s exclusive technology and experience in the successful cultivation of Brazilian mushrooms from the country of origin was recognized by the National Science Council of Taiwan.Since 2002, Santa Paul has begun cooperation with the Council of Agriculture to develop authentic Brazilian varieties of mushrooms without heavy metal residues in the country to benefit more people.The project grant of the National Science Council passed the production-study program of the cooperation between Shengbao Company and the Council of Agriculture and obtained the national-level quality assurance.The shengjia Brazilian Mushroom came out in 2002 from the "National Biotechnology Medical Quality Award" organized by the Taiwan National Health Technology and Health Industry Policy Research Institute and became an award-winning product with fierce competition.Its quality has been rigorously audited by the highest academic institutions in the country, and it has finally been recognized by the jury. It has become the only Brazilian mushroom product that has won the award in the country.