Brazilian mushrooms have been used for its anti-cancer substances extracted from its fruit bodies, mycelium, and fermentation broth and have been used as anti-cancer drugs in various formulations. This has very attractive prospects.At present, dry powder capsules made in the United States of Brazil mushroom fruit body are available at a very high price.In Japan, Mexico and other places, it has been used by hospitals for the treatment of cancer.Mr. Okamoto, director of the Japan Institute of International Health Sciences, said that Brazilian mushrooms are the last food for cancer patients on earth.It has also been taken as a health supplement.There are a large number of health foods related to Brazilian mushrooms in Japan, the United States, and Brazil.For example, capsules made from polysaccharides extracted from Brazilian mushroom fruit bodies and brewed beverages made by crushing fruit bodies,It sells well in the international market.However, the cultivation of fruit bodies of Brazilian mushrooms is very difficult, and the production is very limited, and it is far from meeting the needs of the market.Therefore, the large-scale production of the mycelia and its fermentation broth of the Brazilian mushroom using the liquid deep culture method and the production of various oral liquids have great market potential and become another hot spot for product development.

China's research on Brazilian mushrooms started very late and was mostly limited to the exploration of solid cultivation conditions.Mainly for food, or export.In recent years, some scholars in China have also started preliminary studies on the extraction methods, liquid fermentation and biological activity of Brazilian mushroom polysaccharides.And developed oral liquids, granules and other products, but fewer species.In the future, China’s research and development should focus on several aspects:①The use of gene markers and gene mapping as an aid to enhance the screening of targeted high-yield strains for the purpose of increasing the content of effective active ingredients in fruiting bodies or deep-lying mycelium;②Further clarify the mechanism of the effective ingredients;③Explore the extraction process, reduce production costs, develop specialty products, meet the needs of consumers at all levels, and make Brazil mushroom all-round and rational development.