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The Cancer Society of Japan strongly recommends anti-cancer fungi

Agaricus blazei, also known as Brazilian mushroom, is native to Brazil and is known as the "king of fungus" and "the last food for cancer patients."

Agaricus blazei is the most important anti-cancer fungus that was recommended by the 39th Japan Cancer Society. It is the only fungus registered by the US FDA and included in the pharmacopoeia of the physician. Its health care function has been certified and highly recommended by multinational research institutions and academia. It is also an essential antibiotic supplement for Thai royal health.


1、Agaricus mushroom history

Agaricus blazei, also known as Brazilian mushroom, matsutake mushroom, Pola mushroom, and anti-cancer mushroom, are affiliated with the phylum Fungi, Basidiomycotina, Mushroom, Mushroom, and Mushroom. The fungus is native to southern North America and Brazil. . The ancient Japanese Longfu collected wild species in Brazil for tissue separation. After several years of experimental cultivation, he succeeded. Because its original species was taken from Brazil, the name of the product is to be called Brazilian mushroom. After 1956, commercial cultivation was started and eventually named after the Japanese favorite Matsutake. In fact, Agaricus blazei is a close relative of white mushrooms, which is closely related to Ganoderma lucidum, but it is very different from that of Tricholoma matsutake in terms of classification status and traits. In 1992, the Fujian Academy of Agricultural Sciences introduced Agaricus blazei from Japan. After more demonstration cultivation, it has been gradually promoted throughout the country.


2、Agaricus mushroom ingredients efficacy

The Agaricus blazei mushroom is tender, the stipe is brittle, the taste is pure and delicious, the taste is excellent, and the food value is extremely high. The fresh fruit body contains 85%-87% of water; the edible portion contains 40-45 grams of crude protein per 100 grams of dry matter, 38-45 grams of soluble sugar, 6-8 grams of crude fiber, 5-7 grams of ash, and fat. 3 to 4 grams; protein composition includes 18 kinds of amino acids, the body's 8 kinds of essential amino acids are complete, but also contains a variety of vitamins and ergosterol. Agaricus blazei is extremely rich in nutrients, and its composition is in line with human health requirements, and its health care value is particularly eye-catching.


Agaricus blazei contains the "Agaricus blazei polysaccharide" which is extremely anti-tumor activity, which is a special double-stranded bioactive substance not found in other animals and plants. It has strong anti-gene mutation ability and strong anti-cancer effect. It can detect and directly destroy genetic genes of abnormal cells inside the organism, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-mutation, inhibition and control of tumor recurrence and metastasis. According to reports, in the Second World War, the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and almost all of its lives have disappeared. Agaricus blazei was still tenaciously alive, showing its strong anti-radiation and anti-mutation abilities. Former U.S. President Reagan, who had suffered from skin cancer, continued to take Agaricus blazei after his operation. As a result, he died and his cancer did not recur. Agaricus blazei was also registered by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as an "immune-enhancing nutritional supplement." The royal family in Thailand will use it as an essential supplement for health.


In addition, Agaricus blazei can also promote the hematopoietic function of the bone marrow, inhibit the proliferation of cells that interfere with leukemia, and is very suitable for the treatment of childhood leukemia. It also has a protective effect on the liver and kidneys and can be taken long-term. It is no exaggeration to say that Agaricus blazei is ranked first in edible fungus in many aspects such as anti-radiation, anti-mutation, immunity regulation, and resistance enhancement.


3、Agaricus blazei Chinese medicine analysis

Chinese medicine believes that Agaricus blazei has the effects of brain-building, anti-inflammatory, kidney-boosting, hypoglycemic, diabetes, cholesterol lowering, and arteriosclerosis. It can suppress tumors (especially ascites cancer), medical warts, increase energy, and prevent cardiovascular diseases. Taste: flat and sweet. Guigui: Into the heart, lung, liver, kidney.


4、Agaricus blazei eating method

After dried Agaricus blazei (whole mushroom or sliced mushroom) can be cooked by adding meat, stew, stewed until the soup is thickened, crispy and abnormal, with excellent taste. As a tonic, it has excellent anti-cancer health effects. It is also possible to use dried Agaricus blazei tea as Ganoderma lucidum for tea drinking, and it also has anti-cancer and anti-radiation effects. If you are in trouble, you can also directly take Agaricus blazei capsules or extract powder, of course, with the use of Ganoderma lucidum will be better.