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Brazilian mushroom contains active ingredients

Polysaccharide, zinc, selenium, tellurium, sodium, ash, protein, fat, fiber


The so-called polysaccharide is a combination of monosaccharides. The various polysaccharides contained in Brazilian mushrooms have anti-cancer effects. Among them, again, β-D- Gelatin This kind of protein complex can activate the immune function of cells and prevent the proliferation, metastasis and recurrence of cancer cells.

PS:β-D- glucan is a protein complex that is very important. When complexed with proteins, it is afraid of high temperatures. Therefore, low-temperature extraction or cryogenic grinding may cause denaturation of proteins and loss of physiological activity due to high temperatures. (A lot of Brazilian mushroom products lose this important nutrient because of high temperature extraction.)


Ingredients for insulin and a variety of enzymes. Participate in nucleic acid and protein synthesis and participate in energy metabolism. The biggest function of zinc is to improve immunity, resist oxygen, and resist aging.

    1.Through human experiments, it has been proved that zinc can activate T lymphocytes, thus improving the immunity in vivo, resisting the infection of foreign pathogenic bacteria, removing free radicals, and helping cancer prevention.

    2.Through rodent experiments, it was found that eating zinc-containing foods in old rats showed that the thymosin in mice was re-secreted, thymus hormones were also increased, cells re-growth, differentiation, proliferation, and anti-aging phenomenon.

    3.Zinc is an insulin ingredient that regulates blood sugar balance and is of great help to the treatment of diabetes.

    4.Zinc is a brain-functioning substance with sufficient zinc to prevent Down's syndrome, divine separatism, and Alzheimer's disease.

SeNatural antioxidant, anti-aging, anti-cancer elements. In addition, selenium can stop harmful metals, mercury, and cadmium in the body, and can directly combine with harmful metals to eliminate the toxic effects.

GeThe main function is the supplementation of oxygen in the body and anti-cancer.

    1.Can be used as an oxygen substitute, combined with red blood cells in the blood, as oxygen delivery and storage

    2.Change the condition of hypoxia and suppress the growth of cancer cells.

NaSodium is an essential element for maintaining normal mental and physical development. Its greatest function is to maintain blood pressure.

If there is insufficient sodium in the food, the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands will be insufficient, and the serum sodium content will decrease, resulting in lower blood pressure, fatigue, weakness, and angina.

Mineral:Very important nutrients

The ash of animal and plant tissues burning at high temperatures is minerals. It is called Cinderella in the nutrition world because if there is no mineral resources, vitamins are not easily absorbed and many enzymes lose their activity.

In addition to the composition of teeth and bones, the mineral function also maintains body fluid balance between body and phlegm, induction and contraction of nerves and muscles, regulation of enzyme function, internal and external permeability of fine packets, immune function in vivo, anti-aging and anti-oxidation, and other important functions. .


Proteins are important substances that make up the cytoplasm, and they are also the main materials that make up muscles, organs, and endocrine glands.

Each living cell and body fluid contains proteins that provide the raw materials needed in life to create and continually replace somatic cells.


Lipids in the cell membrane accelerate the transfer of nutrients. It can promote the absorption and utilization of fat-soluble vitamins A, E, and K to regulate physiological functions. Fiber fat can lubricate the gastrointestinal tract and regulate excretory function.


Mushroom dietary fiber has a "physiological effect" on the body that is different from nutrients. It can lower cholesterol, maintain the stability of blood sugar, and prevent the toxicity of harmful substances.

Ingredients of Brazil mushroom fruit body (mushroom body):

This mushroom contains unique high-nutrient ingredients, such as β-D-polyglucose (high molecular polysaccharide) content is particularly high, the highest for mushrooms, raw Brazilian mushrooms contain 85% to 87% of the water, and after drying content The analysis was as follows: protein 40%~45%, fiber 6%~8%, crude ash 5%~7%, fat content 3%~4%, sugar 38%~45%, vitamin B1 0.3%, vitamin B2 At 3.2%, fatty acids, linoleic acid-based unsaturated fatty acids accounted for 70% to 78% of all fatty acids, most of minerals were potassium, as well as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and so on.

The anti-tumor components of Brazilian mushrooms were decomposed and found to have anti-cancer effects due to the polysaccharide components contained in the fruit bodies. In addition, the experiment also found that Brazilian mushrooms have a variety of effects. According to media reports, former U.S. President Reagan continued to take Brazilian mushrooms while suffering from cancer and achieved significant results.