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Brazilian mushroom good homeland

The famous Brazilian mushrooms that once had anti-cancer and other effects have caused many people to dare to eat because they were questioned as having heavy metal residues. The companies that cultivate Brazilian mushrooms in the country said that the market price for Brazilian mushrooms has doubled. Since domestically produced space bags and other planting methods are used, organic plants are purchased. However, the Brazilian mushroom from the mainland may be planted on unsuitable soil and cause doubts about heavy metal residues. The price is only about half that of Taiwan. 

The main ingredients of Brazilian mushrooms are water-soluble polysaccharides, and are rich in linoleic acid-based unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, vitamin B1, B2, minerals such as phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, sodium, iron and trace elements of zinc, Manganese, copper, selenium, tellurium and so on. The main effect of polysaccharides is anti-tumor. According to experiments, they can activate host immune cells such as macrophages and complements, and cell endothelium, induce interferons, etc., and promote the secretion of cytokinins, thus reviving immune function and extending The effect of life, dietary fiber can absorb cancer-causing substances, so that it can be excreted with the feces, and can lower blood pressure and cholesterol, some of the ingredients in the polysaccharide can also reduce blood sugar, lactic acid can promote the body to vitamin D2 after light irradiation. Absorption improves the condition of loose constitution.

However, the Brazilian mushrooms grown in the country and from the mainland are almost indistinguishable in appearance. Generally, about a hundred pounds of Brazil mushrooms in the market come from the mainland, while domestic cabbage plants grown in space are half a catty. For six hundred yuan, organic stores are sold after sub-packaging, and they are about half a catty for about six or seven hundred yuan. The industry says that Brazilian mushrooms must not be planted on the soil, because Brazilian mushrooms have the property of adsorbing bad substances, but often remain in the soil. Bad ingredients, when the Brazilian mushroom absorbs bad ingredients and then enters the body, it can not achieve a healthy effect, but will result in counter-productive effects, but it is not necessarily high-quality, but the public still have to choose a reputable business. To understand the cultivation process.