Jiaxing Saint Chau Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research, cultivation of Brazilian mushrooms and deep processing of products.The company is located in Liuli Village, Zhapu Town, Haiyan County, Zhejiang Provincein the Yangtze River Delta.It borders Shanghai to the east, Hangzhou Bay to the south, Hangzhou to the west and Jiaxing to the north.Due to its unique natural environment, it is very suitable for breeding and cultivation of Brazilian mushrooms.The company is mainly engaged in the development of biotechnology, including cultivation of edible fungi, vegetables and fruits, sales of self-produced products and consulting services. Saint Chau Biological Technology Park, the first phase of the demonstration base is 70 acres, the existing standard demonstration of fermented compost greenhouse 2400 square meters, 6 secondary fermentation kiln, bacteria species research and development, cultivation, planting more than 30 greenhouses, and other supporting facilities and The corresponding equipment is complete.

The company's technical partner is Taiwan Shengbao Biotechnology Co., Ltd.In Brazil, the country of origin of the Brazilian mushroom, has been operating for several years.Its founder, Mr. Hu Zongxiong, served as the sixth and twelfth president of the MC Mushroom Association in São Paulo, Brazil.There are considerable achievements in the cultivation techniques and functional studies of Brazilian mushrooms.In 2000, the company introduced products to establish companies in Taiwan and marketed domestically and abroad.That is, at the invitation of the Council of Agriculture of the Taiwan Executive Council, it provided original species strains and cultivation techniques for the cooperative production and research of experimental cultivation.Successfully cultivated Taiwan native Brazil mushrooms.In 2002, it won the national biotechnology medical quality award and quality mark certification.In May 2005, it passed the safety (poison) test and functional test of the Animal Test Center of the School of Medicine, National Taiwan University.In May 2006, he received the affirmation of the 53rd Japan Society of Laboratory Animals and the 56th Japanese Society of Cancer Society in September of the same year, and published the journal of the Society.In 2011, he published special articles in the international medical journal in vivo.At present, the products of the “Sacred Brazilian Mushroom” products are manufactured and processed by nanometer centers of Feng Chia University and processed into natural nutraceutical foods at home and abroad.

After three years of domestication and cultivation of wild Brazilian mushrooms, the company has succeeded in localized cultivation techniques.In September 2016, it obtained national patents.According to the evaluation of relevant experts from the China High-tech Industrialization Research Association, the overall technology of the project has reached the leading domestic level.The "wild Brazilian mushroom domestication and breeding new technology" was confirmed as a scientific and technological achievement.The Brazilian mushrooms currently cultivated by our company have been transformed into products and will be processed through the micronized nanometer technology to be sold throughout the country. Currently, we have landed several sales platforms across the country and sold them at Beijing 301 Hospital and other institutions.